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ABOUT Liberty Hill Community Next Generation

Liberty Hill Next Generation (LHNG) was founded in 2021 when a group of old friends who were seeing each other constantly at funerals of friends from the community and decided to make a difference by changing the outcome.  The LHNG Founders were tired of the toll that miseducation, gun violence, and adverse circumstances had taken on their old community.  What started out as a community event to bring awareness and unity to yet another young African American losing his/her life to gun violence, sparked the desire for transformation.  The founders of LHNG non-profit organization, who have since moved out of the neighborhood, started by wanting to give back to a community that impacted their lives, and who they credit with making a profound difference in the way they navigate life.  Now, LHNG is providing services and support in the entire city and tri-county.


In 1864, Paul and Harriet Trescot owned 112 acres of farmland, north of Charleston. These “free persons of color” sold the land to four former slaves: Ishmael Grant, Aaron Middleton, and Plenty & William Lecque.

Their goal was to establish a settlement for black men and their families with faith as the foundation. They donated one acre for the construction of St. Peter’s African Methodist Episcopal Church on the southeast corner of the land. Then, they subdivided the remaining 111 acres into lots to be sold to recently freed blacks in 1871. They named the area Liberty Hill to recognize the long-awaited freedom of the former slaves creating this new community.

By the middle of the 20th century, Liberty Hill was a self-sufficient neighborhood. Children were educated at Liberty Hill School and later, Bonds Wilson High, both located in the community. The Black residents owned grocery stores, restaurants, a motel, a club and a funeral home. “You could raise your kids, bury your dead and have a little fun in between. All without going past the stoplight on one end of the neighborhood or crossing the railroad track on the other.”

Today, many residents have gone past the stoplight and the railroad tracks to achieve great success. They are now doctors, lawyers, professional athletes and public officials.

Liberty Hill has gone through many changes since its founding over 150 years ago, but the spirit of freedom still remains. It is that spirt, along with faith, that will continue the legacy of the community’s founders and ensure that Liberty Hill will always be a place to call home.

LHNG Programs/Events

  • Liberty Hill Next Generation Scholarship
  • 5K Run/walk for charity
  • Entrepreneur Workshop
  • Back to School Rally
  • Community October Festival
  • Community Health Fair
  • Feed the Community
  • Holiday Toy Giveaway


Our mission is to empower, educate and facilitate initiatives to better our community. We seek to combat inefficiencies by creating lasting change that begins with a seed of investment through partnerships, programs, mentorship and resources that helps project participants to build technical or entrepreneurial skills. We will encourage and foster virtue by preparing the Next Generation of leaders for higher learning, purpose and service. 


Our purpose is to continuously lift up our community by training our Next Generation of leaders and investing in a new breed of success.